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Information on procedure costs

  • Usual bulk bill patients: (No bulk bill) - $40 - $90 out of pocket

  • Patients under 16 and over 65: $40 out of pocket

  • All other patients: $40 - $90 out of pocket

Paul Hopkins Medical charges a facility fee for all procedural services offered in our treatment room.


This fee is purely to cover the costs of running our treatment room and allowing us to continue to offer it at the high standard that we do.

Due to Medicare Legislation, we are unable to bulk bill a service as well as raise an additional private fee related to that service (ie the facility fee).


This rule means that you will pay the full amount up-front then receive your rebate directly from Medicare (may take up to 48 hours, please ensure Medicare have your correct bank details before payment is due).

All fee's (except for excisions) are payable on the day of the procedure. Payment for excisions is due at your removal of sutures appointment.


Please see below an estimate of the up-front costs relating to some of the procedures at our clinic:


We understand this may have a huge impact for some of our patients and apologise for any inconvenience caused. We appreciate your continued support.

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