General Services

At Paul Hopkins Medical Clinic Mackay, our  highly trained Medical Staff are equipped with the latest knowledge and advances in medical care for you and your family.  We offer complete medical care from Neo-Natal to Palliative Care.

Paul Hopkins Medical offers the following services:

  • Skin cancer check ups & liquid nitrogen treatment (cryotherapy)

  • Minor surgery, including:  removal of moles, skin cancers, suturing of lacerations, draining of abscesses and toenail surgery

  • Removal of sutures

  • Urgent appointments for sick children 

  • Heart checks with ECG monitoring

  • Lung Function tests (Spirometry)

  • INR Clinic for Warfarin patients

  • Insurance medicals

  • Weight Loss management 

  • Treatment of work place injuries

  • Women's check ups (see 'Women's Services for more detailed information)

  • Childhood and Adult Immunizations

  • Travel health advice including travel vaccinations

  • Ante-Natal Care

  • Quitting smoking advice

  • GP management of long term medical conditions, such as:

    • Asthma

    • Diabetes

    • High blood pressure

    • High cholesterol

    • Osteoporosis

Specialised Services


  • 24 Hour ECG Holter Monitoring (24 hour continuous monitoring of heart rate)

  • Mental Health Services (Michelle Eastwell)

  • Diabetic Education with our on-site Diabetes Educator. This Service is bulk-billed for patients of our Practice. Please talk to your GP at your usual appointment regarding accessing this service.

  • Mental health care plans

  • Commercial and Private Driver licenses medicals 

  • Health assessments

Women's Health

  • General check ups​

  • Implanon insertions / removals. For all appointments please call the surgery on 49511 311.

  • Cervical screening tests

  • Breast checks

  • Contraception advice

  • Sexual health checks

  • Postnatal care

  • STI checkup's 

  • Mirena removals

Men's Health

  • Erectile Dysfunction 

  • Premature ejaculation

  • Prostate

  • STI Check ups