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Medical Services at PHMC:

Paul Hopkins Medical Complex has been providing the facilities and space for health professionals to provide top quality health services to the community for over 90 years. We aim to provide a safe, clean and top-of-the-line facility. 


The doctors that work out of PHMC are medical professionals and ensure that they keep up to date with the latest medical advances, ensure continuity of care by handing over care of patients when away and that look after their own health to ensure they stay at the top of their game.



At Paul Hopkins Medical Complex, our highly trained nurses are equipped with the latest knowledge and advances in medical care.   


We offer complete medical care from Neo-Natal to Palliative Care.

Types of appointments that can be made at PHMC: 

  • Standard consulation: up to 15 minutes

  • Long consultation: over 15 minutes

  • Nurse appointments

  • Script only appointments (during 9am script clinic) 

  • Health assessments: 30-60 minute thorough consultation

  • Skin checks: 15-30 minutes 

  • Telephone appointments (by appointment only and under certain circumstances)



PHMC has the facilities to accomodate the following services:

  • Skin checks & liquid nitrogen treatment (cryotherapy)

  • Minor surgery, including:  removal of moles, skin cancers, suturing of lacerations, draining of abscesses and toenail surgery

  • Removal of sutures 

  • Urgent appointments for sick children 

  • Heart checks with ECG monitoring

  • Lung Function tests (Spirometry)

  • INR Clinic for Warfarin patients

  • Insurance medicals

  • Weight loss management 

  • Treatment of work place injuries

  • Women & men specific check ups 

  • Childhood and adult immunisations

  • Travel health advice including travel vaccinations

  • Antenatal Care

  • Quitting smoking advice

  • Chronic disease management of long term medical conditions, such as:

    • Asthma

    • Diabetes

    • High blood pressure

    • High cholesterol

    • Osteoporosis

    • Other chronic conditions

Specialised Services

  • Mental Health Services (with Michelle Eastwell) 

  • Skin cancer checks and procedures 

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