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PHMC's Core Values! 

At Paul Hopkins Medical Clinic we have designed 3 Core Values that resonate with our team. 

Family: The Best Part of Life

Our nurses and support team are part of your family's journey through life - often from birth until the end. We believe family is the most important thing in each of our lives - that includes our patients' families, our staff's families, our “not-really-family” families and our work family. This belief drives our passion to do what is right for everyone.


Respect: Driving Team Culture

Fundamentally our team is our backbone. We treasure each other and know that each and every one of us plays a key role in supporting the doctors that work from our complex to provide top healthcare to our community and keep PHMC running. Working in healthcare can mean we are often on the receiving end of disrespect and abuse; this is why it is so important to our team to respect each other and all visitors to our facilities. This helps our team to be safe and appreciated for their dedication, and of course helps us have heaps of fun while doing it!


Empathy: From empathy, comes everything.

Motivated by empathy, we are driven to provide the best all-round care to everyone.

The world is huge and moves so fast, it is easy to get lost in the moment. In these unprecedented times our team encourages everyone to engage in empathy. We know how important it is to understand where we each are in moments of heightened emotion. From empathy comes respect, honesty, openness and many more vital human values. We believe that if everyone engaged in empathy, the world would feel a little bit easier and less stressful.

Our Story

Dr Paul Hopkins started his practice on the corner of Gordon and Brisbane Street in 1926. Since that date, Paul Hopkins Medical has been a huge part of the Mackay community and grown into the complex it is today; providing clean, safe and top-of-the-line facilities for doctors and allied health to practice medicine from. 

Paul Hopkins Medical Complex provides clinical facilities, administrative management and nursing support to health professionals in order for them to provide comprehensive care to the Mackay & the surrounding community. The doctors and allied-health that engage our services have the same interests at heart. These health professionals that offer their services out of our facilities ensure to keep up to date on the latest medical findings and developments and look after their own health to ensure they stay at the top of their game. 

The PHMC team believe in a holistic approach to healthcare - even though the doctors that work here are independent practitioners, we work together to ensure that we are working towards to same goals. 

Holistic care involves an interest in all aspects of a person’s health, i.e. social, mental, emotional & physical. Great emphasis is placed on preventative health care:


 “prevention is better than cure”


Evidence has shown that leading a healthy lifestyle can prevent illness and improve your quality of life. A regular preventative health check can outline areas of concern, or define changes in lifestyle needed to prevent illness.


Are you an independent doctor or allied-health professional with your own business looking for a new facility to practice medicine from?

Contact the PHMC team to enquire about engaging our services.

Map Bris St.JPG
Map Shakes St.JPG
29 Brisbane Street, Mackay 
17 Shakespeare Street, Mackay


  • Space for medical professionals

  • Wheelchair Access

  • Onsite Pathology at PHMC Shakespeare Street & Pathology next door at PHMC Brisbane Street

  • Pharmacy Nearby

Payment Methods Accepted:

Cashless payment required


Phone lines open:

8.15am - 5.00pm Monday - Thursday

8.15am - 4.30pm Friday

 Fax: (07) 4953  1412


Brisbane St

Shakespeare St

29 Brisbane St &

 17 Shakespeare St

​PO BOX 1103,

Mackay QLD 4740

Monday - Friday 8am - 5.00pm
Saturday & Sunday - Closed

Public Holidays - Closed

Appointments from 8am-4pm

For weekends, public holidays and after hours service:

Urgent afterhours telehealth:

Royal Flying Doctors Service

PHONE:1300 697 622 


Afterhours house visits:

House Call Doctor

PHONE 13 55 66

PHMComplex .png

From birth to end of life, we will be there.

Young and Old Hands
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Contact us:

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